Ailsa PSJ825R was one of 2 buses, the other being PSJ824R. that were tagged onto the end of the SYPTE order, and delivered to A1 Service (Hunter), Ardrossan, in April 1977. 

PSJ was owned by members of the 388 Group from May 1996 to July 2011.  In that time a lot of work was carried out on it, to return it to roadworthy condition, which included an engine rebuild, and what seemed like at the time an almost endless list of other smaller tasks. It was then treated to quick repaint into A1 service livery. The first event it attended was the  'Heart of the Pennines' rally in May 1997.  

The picture above is taken when the bus was leaving Sheffield, heading 'home' to Scotland. It's new owner, Mark Hannan is at the wheel. 

The bus made the 250 mile or so trip with no issues and is now based at the GVVT, Glasgow.  Since then PSJ has had a lot more restoration work carried out and is maintained in roadworthy condition.